The project: Mildred Aubry chante Chico Buarque

Huge admirer of the brazilian singer and composer Chico Buarque, Mildred Aubry did not  hesitate when the pianist Claude Rossel proposed her to present musics of this great artist.

Seduced by the proposal, she invites Alain Tissot (drums), Olivier Nussbaum (bass and double-bass) and Mathieu Schneider (flute) to join this project.

Mildred and her musicians recap part of the work of Chico Buarque, pointing out the beautiful texts and the freedom that his music allows.

The concert “Mildred Aubry sings Chico Buarque” was presented for the first time in Moutier (June 29, 2005)  and  at the Café du Soleil in Saignelégier (September 2005).

The public appreciated the quality of the performances, the  talent of each musician,  as well as the warm voice of Mildred Aubry, interpreting this true Brazilian poetry.

About Chico Buarque

Recognized at an early age, he was an engineering student at Universidade de São Paulo. Arrested and exiled during the dictatorship, Chico Buarque is the author and composer of hundreds of songs. He is , jointly with Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso, an embassador of MPB(Música Popular Brasileira) and one of the most popular artists in his country.

Diverse french singers, among them Nougaro, Moustaki and Vassiliu, have adapted and singed several of his songs with great sucess!