Mildred Trio

After presenting some concerts informally, Mildred, Tônico and Floriano decided to form a trio in 2009, and began to perform professionally.

All three Brazilians lives in Switzerland. Mildred (vocals), Tônico (percussion) and Floriano (piano, guitar, cavaquinho) naturally interpret songs from their country of origin.

In the trio’s repertoire there’s Bossa Nova, MPB (Música Popular Brasileira), jazz classics (done on Brazilian rhythms), the works of Antonio Carlos Jobim, João Gilberto Baden Powell, Vinícius de Moraes, etc. Music suitable for public and private concerts.

Floriano Inacio Jr.

Born in São Paulo, Floriano learned to play pandeiro and cavaquinho at the age of 6. At 12 was already performing with brazilian singers.

Currently piano and cavaquinho are the favorite instruments of this artist, who lives in Switzerland since 1999.  He attended  renowned music schools in Lucern and Geneva. In Brazil, performed in many states. In Switzerland plays with musicians and singers like Ademir Candido, Rodrigo Potter-Maio, Diana Miranda, Rubens Jacob, Rafael Lima, trio Kajapó, Anne Florence Schneider, Mildred.  Also performed in famous festivals as Montreux, Bellinzone, Asconne, Fribourg, Flims, Verone, Barcelona, and was awarded the encouragement prize by the JazzKultur association in Olten.

Tonico da Silva

Born in Salvador (Bahia), tonic da Silva will live in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 8 years. Very young, he started to practice capoeira then will play the berimbau and the pandeiro. Residing near a samba school, he would listen to rehearsals every week and little by little, he began to taste in percussion instruments. Its sensitivity and musicality make Marvel and it will quickly become a talented percussionist. Rio, tonic has created the “Remelexo” group, specialized in the samba, Bossa Nova and the chorinho.

He has worked with major artists in Brazil, such as Beth Carvalho and he recorded with Jorginho do Império, among others. He participated in the “Roda de samba Cacique of Ramos’. In Switzerland since 1991, tonic accompanied Ricky Martin, Phil Collins, Tania Maria, Diana Miranda, Rafael Lima, Rodrigo Botter-Maio, Ademir Candido. He also participates in festivals of Montreux, Bellinzona, Verona, Barcelona and others still.